Fabrictech Pillows

Think all value-based pillows are created equal? Think again. Discover the quality and unique constructions available in our new 6-piece pillow collection:

• SoftCell® Lite pillow
• Cooling memory fiber pillow
• Cooling memory foam pillow
• Bamboo memory foam puff pillow
• Sculpted memory foam puff pillow
• Memory foam puff pillow
Bamboo Memory Foam Puff Pillow
Enjoy the plush comfort layers of our bamboo-rayon tufted cover coupled with the lofted support of puffed memory foam.
Cooling Memory Fiber Pillow
The unique spiral shape of memory fiber combines the comfort of a memory foam-like feel with the breathability of an all fiber fill.
Cooling Memory Foam Pillow
Cool to the touch, the cover of our cooling memory foam pillow provides a refreshing sleep surface coupled with the support of a solid memory foam core.
Memory Foam Puff Pillow
Easily scrunch and shape the memory foam puff fill to fit your preferred sleep position. This pillow contours to your curves with medium loft support, made even more cozy with a soft and breathable microfiber cover.
Sculpted Memory Foam Puff Pillow
Ideal for side and back sleepers, our Sculpted pillow features gentle curves and quick-contouring memory foam puffs.
SoftCell® Lite Pillow
Experience the comfort of our patent-pending SoftCell® pillow construction. Our SoftCell design keeps our identically down fill from shifting, ensuring consistent comfort throughout the night.