Technical Textiles

Our scientifically advanced technical textile fibers offer additional wellness, hygiene and comfort benefits to the sleeper. Incorporating these innovative technical textiles into our products allow sleepers the ability to enhance and customize their sleep environment based on their specific lifestyle, comfort, and wellness needs.

Technical Textile:

Benefit: Provides a refreshingly cooler sleep surface

Here’s how: FRÍO fibers are infused with a proprietary mix of micarex minerals which form countless heat dispersing tunnels at the core of every fiber. As a result, our exclusive FRÍO technical textile disperses body heat throughout the surface of the product five-times faster than traditional polyester.

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Technical Textile: Celliant®

Benefit: Promotes increased performance, faster recovery time from physical activity, and helps to promote restful sleep

Here’s how: Powered by you, Celliant performance fibers absorb energy emitted by the human body and recycle it back into the body. These recovery fibers are designed to promote a temporary increase in blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals,

The FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the act and are general wellness products.

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Technical Textile: TempSync

Benefit: Helps regulate body temperature

Here’s how: PureCare’s exclusive TempSync fibers feature a paraffin core that changes from liquid to solid as it absorbs and releases body heat. This process helps the sleeper maintain a consistent and more comfortable temperature throughout the night.

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Technical Textile: Heatstar

Benefit: Provides a comfortably warmer sleep surface.

Here’s how: Heatstar cellulose fibers trap and hold heat released by the body. The warm air collected in the porous interior of each fiber creates an insulating effect.

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