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WOMEN’S CHOICE AWARD - In today’s cluttered market, consumers have more choices than ever before and less time to do their homework. As life gets busier, we rely more and more on personal recommendations from friends and family to help us make great purchasing decisions. This idea is the foundation of the Women’s Choice Award. 

The Women’s Choice Award seal represents the extraordinary power of today’s female consumer through their collective voice in determining the most recommended brands, products and services. PureCare’s mattress and pillow protectors proudly bear the exclusive seal of the Women’s Choice Award (WCA), allowing women to choose our products with confidence knowing that other women across America have tried and experienced our brand. 

In a private survey, 9 out of 10 women who have purchased PureCare’s protectors said they would highly recommend our products to their family and friends. This vote of confidence from our consumers speaks volumes about our products and service, and we’re proud to provide the most highly recommended mattress and pillow protector covers available today. 

The founder of Women Certified, Delia Passi, is the former publisher of Working Mother and Working Woman magazines, a leading speaker on the women’s market, an author, and a lifelong advocate for women. She has dedicated most of her career to helping businesses understand the needs and preferences of the female consumer. Visit to learn more.  



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NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION - PureCare's complete line of protectors are the official mattress and pillow protectors of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). 

A nonprofit organization dedicated to improving sleep health and safety, the NSF focuses on the education, public awareness and advocacy of healthy sleep.  

"(PureCare) is at the forefront of the sleep products industry and we're excited to be working with them to educate Americans about sleep health and safety and how to make the most of their bedroom environment," says David Cloud, CEO of the National Sleep Foundation. "Controlling nighttime allergies is a great way to improve your sleep." 

PureCare supports the National Sleep Foundation's research and education programs. PureCare licenses for a fee from National Sleep Foundation the right to use the National Sleep Foundation's trademarks and logos. 

Visit to learn more.