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PureCare OmniGuard Protectors Certified to Block Viruses Including COVID-19
PureCare announced the recent certification of its proprietary OmniGuard® Advance mattress cover as effective in blocking viruses such as COVID-19. The PureCare OmniGuard Advance five-sided and total encasement mattress covers attained the Vartest certification that meets ASTM F1671 viral penetration testing standard for resistance to bloodborne pathogens. The ASTM F1671 test method established by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determines whether a fabric can block Phi-X174 bacteriophage, a virus that is about 32 nanometers in diameter. COVID-19 is approximately 125 nanometers in diameter.

PureCare Develops Clean Cover Hospital Pillow Collection
“We are leveraging our new pillow machinery to deliver high quality hospital and care facility pillows for COVID-19 and beyond,” said Sean Bergman, PureCare chief operating officer. “This will offer specially designed pillows for all types of care facilities with their needs in mind, coming from PureCare, the manufacturer counted on for wellness sleep essentials for 20 years.”

PureCare Begins U.S. Pillow Production at Factory in Phoenix
PureCare partnered with Italian manufacturing technology provider Brighi Tech Innovations to develop and install a cutting-edge pillow manufacturing system with optimal versatility to make several types of pillows with greater flexibility and control over quantities and cost, officials said.

PureCare Expands Premium Elements Sheet Collection with 100% Supima® Cotton Linens
PureCare – a leader in health and wellness in the sleep essentials category – announced that it is expanding its premium Elements sheet collection to include luxury, 100% SUIMPA® cotton linens. Marketed as “The World’s Finest Cotton”, SUPIMA fibers represent less than 1% of the cotton produced world-wide and are known for extraordinary comfort and incredible resiliency.

You're One Step Away From Achieving the Scientifically-Proven Best Temp for Sleep
If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night with your sheets and jammies sweat-soaked or your hair matted to your face, you’ve probably figured it out already: Being too hot can interfere with your sleep.The temperature of the environment we sleep in matters a lot,” explains Chris Winter MD, medical director of the Sleep Medicine Center at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Virginia and author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It. “There’s been a lot of research that shows that 62 to 67 degrees is the ideal for best, most efficient sleep quality,” he says. 

PureCare Expands into Southeast Asia
A customized assortment of PureCare’s utility bedding will soon become available in a top Asian home furnishings chain. The sleep products producer has partnered with Index Living Mall, known as Thailand’s “No. 1 Home Furnishings and Decorative Retail Chain Store.” The retailer operates 114 stores in 12 countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Maldives, Thailand and Singapore.

PureCare Expands to New Headquarters In AZ
Taking an important step towards future expansion in the US market, PureCare will now operate a 30,000 square foot pillow manufacturing space at its Arizona location. The cutting-edge computerized pillow blowing machinery will be capable of blowing fiber, ball fiber, Microfiber, shredded visco-elastic foam and latex rubber foam, as well as a combination of shredded foam and fiber.

PureCare Expands to New Arizona-Based Headquarters
In order to continue its fast-paced growth and to meet the ever-changing needs of retailers and consumers, PureCare is moving to a new 120,000 square foot company headquarters facility in Phoenix, AZ. The company’s former home base was 20,000 square feet, so this move provides a six-time expansion in space.

PureCare Donates Sleep Essentials to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts
PureCare is donating 500 sleep essential packages to families affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. “We are taking quick action to help those effected by the devastation that is unfolding in Houston and the surrounding areas,” said Sean Bergman, chief marketing officer for PureCare.

U.S. FDA Determines Celliant® Responsive Textile Products Meet Criteria as Medical Devices and General Wellness Products
Hologenix, LLC, maker of Celliant, the world's most advanced, clinically tested responsive textile technology, announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined Celliant products are medical devices and general wellness products, as defined in Section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and, Cosmetic Act. 

PureCare Creates Charitable Partnership With Boys’ Orphanage
After an extensive review of several charitable organizations in northern New Jersey, PureCare reached out to Saint Peter’s Orphanage in Denville, NJ to provide the boys with personalized bedding packages and to work closely with the local charity to create and expand upon an ongoing partnership. 

PureCare Wins HOW IN-HOUSE Design Awards For PureCare Kids’ Pillow Collection Packaging
The annual HOW award competition recognizes the very best creative work produced by in-house design teams around the country. The PureCare Kids packaging competed with over 800 entries and emerged as a “ lasting impression” winner among HOW magazine readers and judges.

PureCare Delivers Retail Success Through Collaboration
While this proven commitment to health and wellness continues to be an essential part of PureCare’s success, so too is its collaborative company culture. When it comes to developing new products, PureCare is focused on introducing true innovation that will deliver real results at retail.

PureCare: Offering More Choice with Personalized Sleep Accessories
As part of PureCare’s ongoing commitment to health and wellness, the company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of bedding accessories aimed at supporting the unique needs of their customers. There is no better evidence of this than its full suite of advanced pillow options.

PureCare Introduces New Products Into Two of Their Best-Selling Lines
With products infused with technical textiles that bring health benefits, and a focus on intelligent design—PureCare is proud to introduce brand new products into two of our best-selling lines—helping consumers move towards a cleaner, healthier and more customized rest.

PureCare Expands 2 Top-of-Bed Groups
See what all the buzz is about—PureCare is proud to be introducing brand new products into two of our best-selling lines.

PureCare Amplifies Coolness Story
"SUB-0° has been our fastest selling pillow line in history, so it was only natural to update some of our bestselling PureCare Plush pillows and add this cooling technology,” said president and ceo Jeff Bergman. “Now there are more comfort and construction options for customers to choose while still getting the benefits of our Frio cooling fabric.” 

PureCare Adds Display to Showcase Youth Products
Created with kiddos in mind, our entire PureCare collection of youth pillows, protectors and pillowcases are designed to grow with our little sleepers, and retailers are taking note. Sweet dreams start right here. 

Sleep, ‘Rise & Shine’: PureCare offers new youth pillows and protectors
The PureCare Kids collection is specifically designed for kids ages 3-12 and focuses on providing health, wellness and comfort solutions for the numerous sleep and comfort changes that adolescents encounter during this stage of life. 

PureCare Announces Technical Textile Enhanced Sleep Collection
“It’s time to stop thinking of protectors, pillows and sheets as individual items,” says PureCare President / COO Jeff Bergman. “PureCare’s fully integrated collection of top-of-bed solutions work together to enhance the wellness and comfort of the sleeper with technical textile-inspired fabrics and wellness benefits."

PureCare Rolls Out PureCare Kids collection at Fall 2015 High Point Market
Unlike many companies who merely re-size adult sleep products to create kids’ lines, PureCare has specifically designed their new Kids collection to meet the unique comfort and health needs of growing children while providing a comprehensive program that allows retailers to create a new category to build revenue in kids’ top of bed health and wellness focused sleep products.

PureCare Expands Elements Collection To Offer New Premium Cooling Option
PureCare is expanding its technical textile-focused Elements sheet collection with the launch of Glacies “of the ice” premium sheet line at the Summer Las Vegas Market. Featuring a blend of mineral-based FRIO Rapid Cooling Fibers and plush Tencel, Glacies offers consumers a luxury responsive textile that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cools five times faster than traditional polyester.

PureCare One Pillow Review by The Sleep Sherpa
I have been testing the PureCare One Pillow line and have found these pillows to be very versatile. PureCare is a leader in the sleep products industry. They are the official pillow and mattress protectors for the National Sleep Foundation. The PureCare One pillow line is the latest offering with three distinct models. The Caress, Cool and Cradle. 

PureCare® Introduces Glacies (“of the ice”) Premium Cooling Sheets with FRIO Rapid Cooling Fibers at the Summer Las Vegas Market
Featuring a blend of mineral-based FRIO™ Rapid Cooling Fibers and plush Tencel®, Glacies offers consumers a luxury responsive textile that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cools five times faster than traditional polyester.

A Sleep Soirée With Best Mattress & PureCare 
Better Sleep Month was celebrated in May and aimed to raise awareness on the importance of healthy sleep habits and the benefits of better sleep. Since I certainly have a lot to learn when it comes to a good night’s rest, I was thrilled to receive an invitation to attend an informational sleep soirée which was hosted by a few great brands.

30 Day Challenge: A Healthy Sleep Schedule
"This month, we want to explore the best way to support our body during its recovery hours. While we dream of our fantasy vacation, our body is also actively working to organize our thoughts and prioritize all we’ve processed throughout the day. To help you create the best ambiance for your dreams to roam free, we’ve partnered with the National Sleep Foundation to bring your room and REM up to par."   

Honoring Brands Women Highly Recommend
"PureCare is thrilled to have earned the Women's Choice Award for mattress and pillow protectors. We are both humbled and empowered by these brand ambassadors as we further our mission to design essential elements necessary for women everywhere to create healthier sleep environments for themselves and the ones they value most." - Greg Bergman

PureCare Opens New High Point Market Showroom
PureCare reported that it will debut its successful Purecare Elements premium sheet line at a new High Point Market showroom this April. “Over the past year we have experienced rapid growth and tremendous potential with furniture retailers both on the East Coast and nationwide,“ says Sean Bergman, CMO. “After evaluating the success of our presence at High Point Market last October, the decision to invest in a permanent show space that highlights our complete collection of sleep essentials was without question."

PureCare Introduces Elements Wellness Sheet Line at the Winter Las Vegas Market
PureCare pushes way beyond the boundaries of traditional sleep innovation with the launch of the company’s new PureCare Elements™ sheet line, the first sheet collection featuring technical textiles that enhance the sleep environment and provide unique benefits to the sleeper beyond any sheet set that exists today.

PureCare Launches Major Market Diversification Program
"PureCare has redefined the sleep essentials category with their complete collection of health and wellness focused products, and is now reaching beyond the sleep shop and furniture arenas to offer new health and wellness solutions to a broader range of consumers."

Five Trends From The 2014 Summer Las Vegas Market 
"With a growing accessories market and a number of brand expansions and product updates, there was plenty to see at the 2014 Summer Las Vegas Market. Learn more about the five most exciting trends we saw at market."

PureCare Introduces Unique FRíO™ Cooling Protector
"PureCare® - a leader of health and wellness in the sleep essentials industry – reported that it continues to push the boundaries of sleep innovation with the Las Vegas launch of PureCare FRíO cooling 5-sided mattress and pillow protectors."

PureCare One turning pillows into profit centers, retailers report
"Sleep shop chain Mattress Direct, with 22 stores in Louisiana and Mississippi, said it has uncovered a new revenue stream. “(PureCare One) stopped the loss on pillow giveaways of approximately $9,000 a month and reversed it. … (The net result) is something like $13,000 per month positive impact on our bottom line,” said Mattress Direct co-owner Ty Hingle."

National Sleep Foundation Survey Asks Consumers About Allergens and Scents.
"PureCare mattress, box spring and pillow protectors can help consumers preserve their bedding and protect themselves and their families from allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew and moisture,” notes Sean Bergman, chief marketing officer for PureCare. “The PureCare product line combines superior technology, innovation and the highest quality materials, and represents a revolution for today’s health- conscious consumers and allergy sufferers."

Sean Bergman Showing Pure Care's 3-Piece Pillow
"The first 2014 Las Vegas Market was a big one for Sean Bergman and Pure Care. Not only did they officially adopt a new company name, moving from Fabrictech to Pure Care, they rolled out a host of new sleep essentials."

Las Vegas: Sleep products showrooms 'cool it'
"At PureCare (formerly Fabrictech International) the PureCare One pillow was “cool,” in more ways than one. The pillow’s three-part core is more breathable than an ordinary foam or fiber pillow as it allows air to circulate more easily through the pillow."

Bedtimes Magazine January 2014: Pillow intros are show stoppers
"Mattress protection and pillow supplier PureCare (formerly Fabrictech International) launched PureCare One, a multicomponent pillow designed for any sleep position and offering the company’s signature health protection attributes and breathability."

Furniture World January 20th, 2014: Launching the PureCare Era: Fabrictech International Rebrands.
"The company and brand formerly known as Fabrictech International is now PureCare®, offering a full line up of sleep essentials products promoting health, wellness and comfort within the sleep environment…"

Furniture World January 20th, 2014: PureCare One Comfort And Support Pillow To Be Introduced In Las Vegas.
"PureCare (formerly Fabrictech International), a leader in health, wellness and comfort in the sleep products industry, is launching PureCare One - a revolutionary patented pillow line at the January 2014 Las Vegas Market (C1595) …”

Furniture Today January 13, 2014: Simmons, King Koil, PureCare offer first look at Vegas intros
"At the Las Vegas Market, PureCare is introducing a new personalized pillow line called PureCare One. Personalized sleep is a nice benefit to offer, and the new pillow line looks to be a winning entrant in that category."

Furniture Today January 8th, 2014: Fabrictech rebranding itself as PureCare. 
"FAIRFIELD, N.J. — Sleep accessories supplier Fabrictech International is rebranding itself as PureCare, emphasizing a brand name it has been building in recent years…”

Home Textiles Today December 18th, 2013: Launching the PureCare Era: Fabrictech International Rebrands.
"Fairfield, NJ - Say good night to Fabrictech International and good morning to PureCare, now that the company has completed its rebranding process. The transition represents a shift from offering only mattress and pillow protection to a broad line of sleep products addressing basic health, wellness and comfort needs..."

HFN December 13, 2013: Fabrictech rebrands as PureCare.
"FAIRFIELD, N.J.- Fabrictech International has rebranded itself as PureCare, and is expanding its product line beyond mattress and pillow protectors. The PureCare brand will now consist of “a full lineup of sleep essentials products promoting health, wellness and comfort within the sleep environment,” according to a company statement..."

Bedtimes Magazine November 5th, 2013: PureCare by Fabrictech targets hoteliers.
"November 5, 2013 5:17 pm Mattress protection and accessories supplier PureCare by Fabrictech announced it is targeting the hospitality industry as a first-time exhibitor at the International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show Nov. 9-12 in New York..."

Bedroom Magazine August 1st, 2013: PureCare by Fabrictech Expands Canadian Presence.
"PureCare® by Fabrictech has formed an exclusive, multi-year distributorship arrangement with Zucora Inc., one of Canada’s largest provider of home furnishing protection programs..."

Furniture Today January 28th, 2013: Fabrictech offers PureCare aromatherapy collection.
"LAS VEGAS - Fabrictech International is offering a new aromatherapy bedding protection line that it says offers a sweet smelling package of benefits for consumers....."

Furniture World Magazine January 21, 2013: Fabrictech International To Introduce New PureCare Aromatherapy Line At Las Vegas Show.
"Fabrictech® International, the top of bed health and wellness focused product designer and manufacturer of the official mattress and pillow protectors of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), announced that it will introduce a fresh and unique concept with their new protector line, PureCare™ Aromatherapy....."

BedRoom Magazine January 2013: Fabrictech International Takes Next Steps in Health, Wellness and Better Sleep.
"...With the introduction of PureCare Aromatherapy, Fabrictech once again aims to change the conversation from bed protection by offering retailers the most advanced wellness protection products available for today’s health conscious consumers....."

BedTimes Magazine Online - December 2012: Fabrictech Focuses on Health and Wellness With Extensive Mattress Protection Line.
"After four years of explosive growth, executives at Fabrictech International, a Cedar Grove, N.J.-based producer of bed protection products and pillows...."

BedTimes Magazine Online September 2012: Fabrictech Adds Key Accounts Post.
"Mattress protection and sleep accessories supplier Fabrictech International has named Chrissy Glentz director of key accounts, a newly created post..."

BedRoom Magazine Online June 2012: Fabrictech Goes Global.
"Fabrictech International is living up to its name by taking its successful merchandizing, marketing and message global. With a new licensee agreement in place,..."

BedTimes Magazine Online June 18 2012: Fabrictech Signs Licensee for Australia - New Zealand.
"Mattress protection supplier Fabrictech International has inked a licensing agreement with Multimaster Australia Pty. Ltd. in Sydney..."

Bedtimes Magazine Online June 2012: Easing Consumer Concerns: Suppliers Roll Out New Allergen - Protection Products.
"With allergy and asthma symptoms on the rise, it’s time to talk to consumers about better health, overall wellness and cleanliness in the bedroom, say suppliers of mattress and pillow protection products....."

BedTimes Magazine Online April 20th, 2012: Fabrictech Launches Health - Conscious Pillows.
"Mattress and pillow protection supplier Fabrictech International, which is based in Cedar Grove, N.J., has launched the PureCare Plush pillow line..."

Furniture Today August 25th, 2011: National Sleep Foundation, Fabrictech to distribute educational materials.
"WASHINGTON — Expanding its commitment to the sleep products industry, the National Sleep Foundation has partnered with mattress and pillow protector manufacturer Fabrictech International to distribute sleep and health education materials...."

Bedroom Magazine Online: National Sleep Foundation and Fabrictech Partner to deliver Sleep Health Education.
"Washington, DC – The National Sleep Foundation is pleased to announce that it has partnered with leading mattress and pillow protector manufacturer Fabrictech International to distribute sleep health educational materials to the public...."

Furniture Today August 3rd, 2011: Fabrictech Study Allergy, Asthma Costs.
"LAS VEGAS — A study of secondary research commissioned by sleep accessory supplier Fabrictech International found that allergies and asthma are taking their toll on Americans..." August 2nd, 2011: Jenice Armstrong: Her makeover's a snooze.
"SUSAN GRAESER is a chronic insomniac. She wanders aimlessly around her two-bedroom apartment in Northern Liberties until the wee hours..."

Home Furnishings Business Online July 29th, 2011: Fabrictech Presents Research Compilation on Health Issues in the Bedroom.
"Fabrictech International is offering the bedding industry research on health and societal cost impacts of pollen, dust, mold, dust mites, bacteria and bedbugs..."

Furniture Today Online July 20th, 2011: Fabrictech's New Website Helps Consumers Find Protection Products.
"CEDAR GROVE, N.J. — Fabrictech International says it has launched a user-friendly website to help consumers find the right mattress and pillow protection systems..."

Furniture World Online July 20th, 2011: Fabrictech Launches New Interactive Website.
"Fabrictech International announced the launch of a new, user-friendly website to help consumers find the right mattress and pillow protection systems for their bedrooms:"

Home Furnishings Business Online July 19th, 2011: Fabrictech Launches New Website.
"Fabrictech International has launched a new consumer and retailer-focused Web siteOpens in a new window to help consumers find the right mattress and pillow protection systems..."

The Post And Courier January 25, 2011: Protecting Sleepers from their Beds.
"HACKENSACK, N.J. -- Arnold Hershbain, 64, leads a Cedar Grove, N.J., company, Fabrictech International, that makes mattress and pillow protectors. But to hear Hershbain talk, they really should be called sleeper protectors: devices that protect sleepers from their beds..."

Furniture World July 5, 2010: Fabrictech Rebrands Its Premium Protection Lineup.
"Fabrictech International, a leader in health and allergy protection in the sleep products industry announced that it has completed the re-branding of its premium protection lineup called PureCare, which highlights the performance fiber characteristics found in its new Antibacterial Silver mattress and pillow protectors."